Monday, September 1, 2008

DAMA-DMBOK Framework V3

A third version of the DAMA-DMBOK Framework paper is now available for free download from the DAMA International web site, The first and second versions have been downloaded by 4000 people worldwide. The third version updates the framework outline of data management functions and activities.

Version 3 identifies 10 major data management functions, instead of 9. A new function, Data Development, is "the data analysis, design and implementation activities associated with system development projects, including data modeling." In previous versions, these activities were split between Data Architecture and Database Administration. These functions have been renamed to Data Architecture Management (defining and maintaining data architecture above and prior to any implementation projects -- essentially enterprise data architecture management) and Database Operations Management (database production support and data technology management). The new structure clearly identifies the data management tasks included in the system development lifecycle (SDLC).

In addition, the name of the function previously known as Documents, Records & Content Management has now been shortened to just Document and Content Management. The presentation sequence of the ten functions has been changed, moving Data Quality Management to the 10th position.
The more detailed outline of activities within each function has also been refined.

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