Sunday, April 1, 2007


Welcome to the DMBOK Development Diary blog. My name is Mark Mosley; I am the editor and project leader for a book being developed by The DAMA Foundation called The Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge -- otherwise known as the DMBOK Guide.

There are two purposes for this blog:
1) To serve as a newsletter about DMBOK development efforts, and
2) To elicit comments on development topics, issues and draft wordings.

The DMBOK project team and the DMBOK Editorial Board are using several Google services to foster collaboration.
1) Each chapter development team is using Google Shared Documents to collaborate as a small group.
2) The DMBOK Editorial Board has a Google (Discussion) Group limited to project participants and board members.
3) This blog, which invites comments from anyone in the blogosphere, particularly but not limited to DAMA members.

This is my first venture into the new world called Web 2.0. Thanks to Don Tapscott's inspiring keynote speech at the DAMA/Wilshire Meta Data Conference in Boston (March 2007), I recognized not only the power of collaboration, but also my own stubborn resistance. OK, I've been a dinosaur, or at least an ostrich with my head in the sand. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery ("Hi, I'm Mark and I'm a Luddite" "Hi, Mark").

This blog is really more about reader comments than the posts themselves. Time will tell how often I will find the time to read the comments, let alone respond. But I will read them all eventually -- it may not seem like it, but trust me, I am listening!!! And your comments will have an impact on the DMBOK Guide, making it a better product thanks to the combined brainpower of the data management community. Thanks for participating!


eva said...

Hi Mark, I'll be the first to leave a comment... This is great! :)


rabbinkulu said...

Give me Turkish any day, can't understand a word. I'm not grown up enough for Linked In and who knows when you'll ever read this. Don't you want to join us immature ones on Facebook??


Elisangela said...

Hi Mark,

I work as Administrator of data and often feel for having chosen this profession it is slightly updated, almost no progress to update, meetings with people of the area and interest by publishing something more important in our day-to-day without count that companies find our paperwork back and that little result ... It is really a pity, but I hope that the DAMA-DMBOK us to update and enforce this profession that I love.