Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Name: DAMA-DMBOK Guide

What we previously referred to as The DMBOK Guide is now known as The DAMA-DMBOK Guide. DAMA-DMBOK is a trademark of DAMA International. Whatever the attorney says!


SP said...

I am looking at the presenation DAMA-DMBOK Intro and Status and the actual handbook DAMA-DMBOK_Functional_Framework_v2_1. The contact diagrams for Chapter 3 and other stuff is missing in the framework. Do we know when the remaning stuff will be published? This is a very commendable effort as i have found it very useful and validates what we as a practitioners have been doing.

Hyphen said...

Dear Mark -

I know you've been working furiously on the Dictionary as per your TDAN interview, but I was wondering whether you had worked out a timetable for delivery of the DMBOK Guide.

Or bits of it, at least. ;-)