Monday, September 1, 2008

Introducing the DMBOK Planning Commitee

I'd like to introduce you to the members of the DMBOK Planning Committee:

* Mark Mosley is the chief editor of the DAMA-DMBOK Guide. As the originator of this blog, his bio is listed here.

* Deborah Henderson is the executive sponsor of the project. She is the VP for Education and Special Projects for DAMA International (The DAMA-DMBOK Guide is her very special project!) and the president of the DAMA Foundation. Deborah is the chair of the DAMA-DMBOK Editorial Board and the Planning Committee. She works for CAP Gemini in Toronto, Canada.

* Eva Smith is the technology coordinator for the project. Eva teaches at a community college in Washington state. She is a member of the DAMA Puget Sound chapter and the DAMA International Eduation Committee. Eva has created a magnificent DMBOK review website to enable volunteers to review and comment on selected DMBOK chapters. As the queen of all collaborative technologies, she encouraged me 18 months ago to create this blog, and now she is a co-author for the blog. I trust Eva will be more active as a blogger than me!

* Ingrid Hunt is the publicity coordinator for the project, and serves as the VP of Pubic Relations for the DAMA Foundation. Ingrid is a consultant in San Francisco, CA.

Together we work with the DAMA International Executive Board, the DAMA-DMBOK Editorial Board, our chapter authors (primary contributors and additional contributors), reviewers and publisher to deliver the DAMA-DMBOK Guide.

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Mark Mosley, DMBOK Editor said...

In addition to Eva, I've enabled Deborah and Ingrid to be able to post to our blog.